Foto: Wolf Dieter Tabbert

I was born in 1970 near Cologne and studied at the school for Graphic and Design in Münster, where I graduated with the silk screen album “Abenteuer eines Weichenstellers” by the author H.C.Artmann. While I was studying, I worked on the two books “Lovecraft” and “Dorian”. Now I live in Prenzlauer Berg/Berlin and work in a studio on Kastanienallee in Prenzlauer Berg. I work as a comic book artist and illustrator for books, Cds, magazines and TV and film projects.

In 2006 the book “Cash – I see a darkness” came out and has since then been translated into fifteen languages.

I am doing a lot of workshops in countries like Mexico, Brasil, Jordan, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada and others with the Goethe Institute. In 2013 I had the chance to work with ARTE in a refugee camp in Northern Iraq. The results can be seen HERE.

In 2017 my book “Mercy on me” about the life of singer Nick Cave was released and comes along with an album sized Artbook.

2021 “Starman” came out in Germany, a Graphic Novel about the life of David Bowie. Currently I work part two. The ongoing of the project can be seen here:

Besides the work as an illustrator I am doing a lot of live shows with several bands and musicians of all kinds. You can find photos from the shows here: Live Drawing Concerts and infos about the Berlin based supergroup “The Good Sons” here:


Max und Moritz Preis 1996 des Comicsalon Erlangen for best German publication “Lovecraft”.

ICOM Award for best realistic German publication 2004 “Scherbenmund”.

Munich Comic Award “Peng” Best German comic album 2007 “Cash”.

Sondermann comic award 2007 of Frankfurt book fair for best German publication “Cash” .

Max und Moritz Award 2008 for “Cash”.

ICOM Award 2008 for “The secrets of Coney Island”, best Artwork.

Les prix des ados 2009 for “Cash – Une vie”, Literaturefestival Deauville.

B.Z. Kulturpreis 2013 for outstanding cultural achievement

Munich Comic Award Peng 2013 for best German publication “Der Boxer”

Grand Prix 2013 for best Album of the Festival Lyon “Le Boxeur”

Jugendliteraturpreis 2013 category of non fiction book “Der Boxer”

Luchs Award 2016 of  ZEIT and Radio Bremen  “Der Traum von Olympia”

Catholic Youth and Children literature award “Der Traum von Olympia”

Gustav Heinemann Peace Award 2016 “Der Traum von Olympia”

Wermelskirchener Children and Youth literature award 2016  “Der Traum von Olympia”

Max und Moritz Preis as best German Comic artist

Rudolph Dirks Award 2018  “Nick Cave”


Eisner Award 2010 “Cash”

Harvey Award 2010 “Cash”

Leserpreis der Häftlinge des Jugendgefängnisses Montpellier 2010 für “Cash”

Sondermann 2009 für “Havanna”

Münchener Comic Preis “Peng” Bester deutscher Comic 2011 für “Castro”.

Max und Moritz Preis Bester deutscher Comic 2012 für “Castro”.

Grosser Preis des Comicfestivals Algier 2012 “Castro”.

Preis für das beste Sozial Historische Comic, Paris, 2013 “Le Boxeur”

Ignatz Award 2014 “The Boxer”

Münchener Comic Preis “Peng” Bester deutscher Comic 2015 für “Der Traum von Olympia”.

Deutscher Kinder und Jugendbuchpreis 2016 “Der Traum von Olympia”

Le Prix Charles-Henry Salin 2017 für “Der Traum von Olympia”