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August 2018: The Edinburgh Litrary Festival saw two amazing shows by The Zephyr Quartet and the Ukulele Death Squad, supported by Carla Lippis. 





 May 2018: For the opening of the Bratislava book festival Brak. One singer, one guitar, one drummer and two cellos and a fantastic set of Cave songs like Into my arms, Red right hand, Push the sky away and Higgs Boson Blues.






December 2017: Some new photos from a live drawing concert in Kolkata last year with Amid Datta and band during the Kolkata Jazz Festival. This time I was completely free with the illustrations since the music had no lyrics. So I was drawing a little story about a couple visiting a Jazz club and getting carried away by the music.







December 2017: Live Drawing concerts India in Pune with Sandeep Vasishta and Ranjan Beura, in Kolkatta with Amid Datta and Band at the Kolkatta Jazz Festival and in Chennai with the Nalanda Way childrens choir.







September 2017: The Nick Cave Party for the release of the comic book saw a fantastic line up of bands playing: Gemma Ray and band, Stefanie Gras and Vadda Cash, Lolita Terrorist Sounds.

I did a live drawing performance with Lolita.


This is a link to a film about the show







January 2017: At the Galle Literary festival in Sri Lanka on invitation of the Goethe Institute with the Soul Sounds, the all womens choir from Colombo. SOULSOUNDS







October 2016: In the Bibliotheka Alexandrina in Egypt with the Al Mena band on invitation from the Goethe Institute Alexandria.








August 2016: In concert with the terrific "Lolita Terrorist Sounds" in the famous SO36 club in Berlin Kreuzberg for the "Ich bin ein Berliner" party.



Link to a video from the concert








September 2016: Live Drawing concert with the fantastic Hych Orkestr in the wonderful town of Lviv in the Ucraine. For each of the 20 songs I did a drawing that illustrated the lyrics, that consist of poems from different Ucrainian writers.


Link to a video about the concert








November 2015: Some photos from the "The Boxer" book launch at the festival of Amadora/Lissabon and the live drawing event with music from Nick Cave and Johnny Cash at Musicbox Lisboa.

Fotos: Puro Conceito










October 2015: Live drawing in Laos on 10th of October at the French institute in Vientiane with my fellow artist Gaston. The band "The Frogs" was performing Iggy Pop, Queens of the stone age, Nirvana, Hole and many more and a bunch of french people were doing Pogo dance.










May 2015: I was invited by the Goethe Institute Vietnam to spend one month in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Here you can see some lovely photos from the great event at Cà phê thứ Bảy, where members of the band Tofu performed Johnny Cash and I drew some pictures. Photos by Michael Theuillon.










October 2014: Live performance at the pool of the Alila Hotel in Ubud, Bali for the readers and writers festival. The Band: John at the jail story. They played "The Mercy Seat" by Nick Cave for this event, because he is the patron of the festival and I am working on a novel about him.

It will be very hard to top this event, as you can see on the pictures, the atmosphere was fantastic. It was truly "Johnny Cash in  the jungle"!










September 2014: Live Drawing Event in Yogyakarta with the band "Horseshoe". One picture per song and the songs are damn short.
For the final show it is my more than talented artist friend Bintang and me doing drawings at the overhead projector to irish Post-Punk with the band "Dirty Glass".






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