A young journalist travels to Cuba in the end of the year 1958 to report about the rebel leader Fidel Castro and gets involved in the revolutionary actions. Quickly he becomes involved in the events and he experiences the history of the revolution from his perspective. 

"Castro" tells the story of Fidel Castros life and depicts the story of the revolution from its beginnings til today.

In 2008 I went to Cuba to do some research for this book. The well received travel book "Havanna" was a result from this journey and the reader will find some details from it in the Castro book as well.


The preface is written by Castro-biographer and journalist Volker Skierka, who helped with the text as well.

The book appeared in germany in autumn 2010 and has already been translated into English (US and UK), Greek, Turkish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portugues, French, Kroatian and Chinese.



2010, Carlsen, 288 pages, b/w, Hardcover, 19,90 Euro ISBN: 978-3551789655



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