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15.07.2015 Two new Cash pictures

There are two new Cash pictures in the gallery section:










autor: Reinhard

"The Boxer" is now out in Spain:



and in the Czech Republic:









autor: Reinhard
25.03.2015 News from the Nick Cave Comic Blog


News from the Cave Comic Blog: A sketch from Rowland S. Howard, an illustration with Nick as the stranger from "When I first came to town" and a scene from a "Birthday Party" concert. Plus: You can subscribe to the blog now as well.




autor: Reinhard
05.03.2015 Nick Cave Comic


Since some time I am working on a new and quite big project, a comic book about one of the greatest musicians and artists of our times, Nick Cave. To keep you all informed about the ongoing of the book, me and my dear friend Johnny Häusler made a website where I will post sketches, illustrations and news from and around the book.

Have a look:



autor: Reinhard
03.02.2015 Il Pugile


 Just came back from Italy where I presented the Italian edition of "The Boxer". "Il Pugile" is brought to you by my new fabulous editor Bao Publishing. 









autor: Reinhard
03.02.2015 Der Traum von Olympia


 Now available in Germanys bookstores is my new book about the Somali sprinter Samia Yusuf Omar, who competed in the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 and died unfortunately in 2012 while crossing the mediterrenean sea to reach Europe.









autor: Reinhard
05.01.2015 The Jewish museum Berlin


The Jewish Museum Berlin wrote very good article about my book about the boxer Hertzko Haft:

Jewish Museum









autor: Reinhard
29.12.2014 Reviews of


 A very well written review by Vinicio Chacón about my book "The Boxer" from my English publishing house Selfmadehero. Although he hates me! Sorry for the tears. 


Deutsche Welle placed "The Boxer" under the must read top ten books of the year 2014:



autor: Reinhard
19.12.2014 Castro & the Boxer


 My book about the boxer Harry Haft is now available in Bulgaria...


… and in Macedonia.

And in a very nice fities like edition in Italy: The book about Fidel Castro. In a row with artists like Marianne Satrapi, Guy Delisle, David B. and others. Viva Italia!



















































autor: Reinhard
21.11.2014 Ubud


My friend Summa wrote a piece about my amazing stay at the Ubud Readers and Writers festival in Bali:


















autor: Reinhard
11.11.2014 Chuck Berry Box


The incredible CD Box from Chuck Berry, brought to you by Bear Family Records. Bound in linen, four color silkscreen print, two picture books and tons of music. If you want to spend a bit more, it comes in a guitar case as well.






















autor: Reinhard
29.09.2014 Indonesia!!!


Now I am a star in Indonesia. First page of the Jakarta Post culture section for the announcement of my appereance at the Ubud Writers Festival in Bali:







autor: Reinhard
01.09.2014 Brute Force


 The classic movie from Jules Dassin with an extremely good looking young Burt Lancaster in one of his best roles in a new edition.

And I did new artwork for the reversible sleeve design.

autor: Reinhard
20.08.2014 Ignatz awards nomination


Nominated for the renowned Ignatz award as outstanding graphic novel in the USA! Keep your fingers crossed. The public voting will be possible at the SPX2014 on September 13th.





29.06.2014 1000 best Graphic Novels


 I'm in it! "Cash" is in the list of the 1000 best Graphic Novels of all times! Thank youuuuuu! See the complete (!) list is here:





autor: Reinhard
25.06.2014 Live drawing


 At the festival Lyon BD: On the last day I held a live drawing performance at the Theatre Odeon with the two fabolous musicians Julien Limonne (drums and keyboard) and Valentin (singer and guitarist) with music from Johnny Cash.

You can see the pictures here:


Live drawing in Lyon




autor: Reinhard
18.06.2014 Posterdesign for Lyon


 I had the honor to design the Poster for the Lyon BD festival this year. The image is based on the fantastic fountain on the main square of Lyon, where you have enormous horses snorting smoke, just like in the Johnny Cash song "Ghost riders..."







autor: Reinhard
02.06.2014 Toronto


In Toronto I met Alan Haft, the son of the "Boxer". We had a panel discussion at the Jewish Community Center, which was organized by the Goethe Institute Toronto.

Alan explains a lot about the background of the story, the impact that his fathers fate had on the family. 

Here is the link to the video: 




27.02.2014 UK edition of the


 For the celebration of the UK edition of "the Boxer" I will come to London from 6th to 7th of March. There will be a presentation of the book with Paul Gravett at the Goethe Institute London on Thursday evening:


and the birthday event for my publishing house Selfmadehero at GOSH!:


You can have a preview of the UK edition of the book here:


The US edition is scheduled for May this year.




autor: Reinhard
25.01.2014 Trailer for


Very nice trailer for the Brasilian edition of "the boxer" from my publisher 8Inverso:



O Boxeador






autor: Reinhard